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Hamish (prn: Haymish) is Gaelic for James.
I am a Scot living in Geneva, Switzerland, married with one boy.
I was born in 1965, which used to be recently.
I work as a solution consultant to SAP AG in Germany.
I travel incessantly all over Europe talking to Banks
I love technology, and am a Geek.
I also spend too long sitting in Hotels, thinking about things.
This blog will reflect all of the above.

Why "Cardboard Spaceship"? I have an nine year old son, and if I get a big box for something, he usually makes it into a rocket or other kind of space craft. It's all driven by imagination. So, I know that if you want to have a lot of fun on a small budget, get a cardboard spaceship...


The BLOG is about: The world of business seen through the lens of SAP. General rants about technology Musings about the world around me